Build and Deliver Carrier Grade IMS

Enum Service

ENUM is an IETF standard (RFC 2916) for mapping the public telephone number into the Domain Name System (DNS). Global Oculus has established network interconnects with multiple networks for direct termination access to the participating ENUM networks and subscribers. Global Oculus's carrier grade IP telephony ENUM equipment transparently dips and routes the digit sequences to the terminating network/subscriber off-loading the intensive processor workload from customers switches to our core SIP/ENUM switches. Each transaction seamlessly flows in the standard SIP format from our customers switches to our Core SIP/ENUM switches bypassing the ENUM translation session and connecting the calls. This process allows customers switches without ENUM processing capabilities to access ENUM networks or access PSTN numbers outside of the PSTN thereby realizing true cost savings on global termination minutes.

This service is available as a flat rate trunking solution from DS-1 to OC-12 solutions or on a metered basis both encompassing US Domestic and global coverage from every participating country.

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